Deformation and Calibre Measurement System DKM

Deformation & Calibre Measurement System DKM
Exakte Vermessung des Rohrdurchmessers

Deformation and Calibre Measurement System DKM - exact measurement of the pipe diameter

Qualitative inspection with sewer CCTV systems is state of technological development today. The OPTIMESS DKM is a system for deformation and calibre measurement separately or in combination with CCTV inspection. The system's measuring probe scans the surface of the pipe and measures the diameter in the vertical and the horizontal plane.

System overview for OPTIMESS DKM

Systembersicht DKM englisch

Exact - Robust - Cost efficient

  • suitable for pipes from 150mm pipe diameter
  • measuring probes can be connected to all CCTV Inspection systems or the probes are pulled by winch or pipe cleaning system
  • cable operated measurement
  • exact measurement under nearly all environmental conditions: water, humidity and steam; pipe material is also irrelevant
  • reliable measuring results during temperature variations
  • user-friendly evaluation software DKMSoft
DKM150 Measuring probe DKM150, for pipe diameters from 150mm up to 400mm (6" - 16")
DKM400 Measuring probe DKM400, for pipe diameters from 450mm up to 800mm (18" - 32")
DKM800 Measuring probe DKM800, for pipe diameters from 450mm up to 1,200mm (18" - 48")
DKM Data Logger with cable drum Data Logger, cable operated with 150m special cable
  Evaluation software DKMSoft: user-friendly Windows application

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