CCTV Inspection systems PipeExplorer

CCTV Inspection systems for sewer lines, pipes and wells

Start your professional pipeline inspections with PipeExplorer Basic. The Starter set PipeExplorer Basic consists of following components: portable control unit, manual operated cable drum and camera crawler.


System overview of PipeExplorer Basic

System overview PipeExplorer Basic

Most important features of PipeExplorer Basic


Complete your PipeExplorer Basic with further components


STE150 Mobile control unit in 19"-casing, suitable for vehicle fitting
STE200 Control unit in 19"-design for professional vehicle fitting
KTR400 Motorized cable drum for max. 500m inspection cable
KFW100D Camera crawler KFW100 D, suitable for pipe diameters from 100mm (4")
KFW200D Camera crawler KFW200 D, suitable for pipe diameters from 200mm (8")
OptiSat Lateral camera inspection system OptiSat, suitable for pipe diameters from 200mm (8")
 logo wincan Sewer condition evaluation software and picture digitalisation with WinCan software


Sample configuration for the extension of the Inspection system PipeExplorer Basic

Systemuebersicht eng TV OptiCut


Professional CCTV utility vans for PipeExplorer systems, your mobile office for site

CCTV utility van operator room CCTV utility van rear section

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