Our success story has begun in 1991
1991 Former Employees of Carl-Zeiss-Jena establish OPTIMESS. The itention of the founder: To develop measurement systems for pipelines and sewers.
1991/1992 The development of the Deformation & Calibre Measurement System DKM enables the accurate measurement of deformations of pipelines for the first time.
1991 OPTIMESS presents the Deformation & Calibre Measurement System DKM at NO-DIG in Hamburg.
1991-94 The engineers of OPTIMESS develop a camera with integrated laser distance sensor.
1994/1995 The first Deformation & Calibre Measurement Systems DKM are delivered to the United Arab Emirates.
1995 World's camera crawler with pan & tilt camera for pipeline ranges from 100mm and a Well & Borehole Camera are introduced. OPTIMESS presents the 3D-Measurement System at IFW in Berlin.
1996/1997 The Camera crawlers from 150mm and 200mm pipe diameter complete the CCTV Inspection systems of OPTIMESS.
1996 OPTIMESS realizes the an inspection of a 10,000m drinking water pipeline in the United Arab Emirates. The first CCTV Utility Van is delivered.
1998 The development of Satellite Camera for the inspection of house connections and an Ultrasound Pipeline Inspection system are milestones of that year.
1999 Abu Dhabi Municipality orders a Combined CCTV & Pipeline Rehabilitation Van.
2000 OPTIMESS presents the Electric cutter OptiCut200. The user-friendly operation is the highlight during ENTSORGA in Cologne.
2001 Dubai Municipality orders a complete CCTV Utility Van.
2002 The engineers develop the inspection system OptiSpool. OptiSpool enables the inspection of vertical as well as horizontal pipelines with bends - for the inspection of process pipelines in chemical plants.
2003 OPTIMESS realizes the inspection of a lake pipe in Berlin for Berliner Wasserbetriebe, Germany.
2004 OptiSpool Inspection system is used for the inspection of process pipelines for BAYER AG, Germany.
2006 Clients in Bahrain and Iran order several CCTV Inspection systems.

The Deformation & Calibre Measurement DKM is advanced. New development is the wireless Data Logger for wireless transmission of measuring results from the pipe.

The 2. CCTV Inspection unit from OPTIMESS is delivered to Bahrain.

2009 Our CCTV Inspection system PipeExplorer is now used for pipe surveys in New Zealand.
2010 Further electric cutter OptiCut are handed over to clients. Equipped with severeal types of cutting tools and connectable to the OPTIMESS CCTV Inspection systems, OptiCut is an essential tool for pipe rehabilitations.

We are proud of our success with the Deformation & Calibre Measurement System DKM from OPTIMESS. In Germany the mechanical deformation measurement is nearly always requested after pipe laying of plastic pipes. Similarly the calibre measurement plays now an important role as necessary measurement for pipe rehabilitation scheduling. Our efforts were worth it.

A further portable CCTV Inspection unit PipeExplorer is delivered to Hong Kong. Therefore we can strengthen our Hong Kong position significantly.

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