• DKM150 (Bild3)

    Deformation & Calibre Measurement DKM150 Read more ...

  • Professional vehicle fitting (Bild2)

    Client-specific, ergonomic, mobile Professional vehicle fitting Read more ...

  • KFW150 D (Bild1)

    CCTV inspection with PipeExplorer KFW150 D Read more ...

  • Ultrasound inspection (Bild5)

    Evaluation of the remaining wall thickness Ultrasound inspection Read more ...

  • CCTV Inspection of long distances (Bild4)

    Inspection of drinking water pipes CCTV inspection of long distances Read more ...

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OPTIMESS - Your expert for all aspects of pipes! 

High-Technology from the expert for Pipeline Inspection systems

Since the beginning of the 1990s, OPTIMESS offers professional Pipeline and Sewer Inspection systems. We are continuously improving our product quality and are developing new technologies to facilitate clients' work on site.
Today our clients all over the world can choose from a large range of products for pipeline inspection and exact deformation and calibre measurement.
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We develop and produce:


Reliable Pipeline Inspection and Measurement Systems

  1. CCTV inspection systems for sewer lines, pipes and wells
  2. Deformation and Calibre Measurement Systems for exact pipe diameter measurement
  3. Electric cutters for pipe treatment


Please visit our website www.optimess.net to learn about products for the non-destructive material testing for the industry.

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